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Pink Doll Boutique
by Lisa Lorenz

Pink Doll Boutique is a Las Vegas based company, owned and operated by Designer, Lisa Lorenz.

In 2001 Lisa began creating a Swimwear line that she continues today as Pink Doll Boutique. Offering Limited Runs and One Offs, the collections are light, fun and unique.

Pink Doll is dedicated to providing unique and quality apparel whether it's for the pool or play and every piece is handmade with care in the USA. The Pink Doll does not mass manufacture ANY clothing items! That means Limited Runs and One of a Kind pieces only!

Pink Doll Boutique is proud to provide clothes that fit. Darts, seams and straps are reinforced! Lining is standard in all our suits, excluding shorts, and in tops when applicable. The Pink Doll uses quality machines, fabric and supplies as well as drafting all our own patterns!


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